Sunday, August 16, 2009

Traditional Sampret (Dahlia / Bunga Cina)

This recipe is my mother in law's recipe when I started learning my very first kuih raya. I don't use this recipe for the sampret I'm selling because it's difficult to measure margarine / butter using cups. But a lot of my friends like cup recipes better, so here it is..

1 1/2 cup margarine (she really uses margerine, brighter colour than my pale yellow)
1 cup of powdered sugar (she uses a blender mill using coarse sugar - of course you can use icing sugar, but it's definitely less sweeter than the coarse sugar

2 yolk
vanilla essence

3 cup corn flour
1 cup AP flour (All purpose flour - tepung biasa la tu)


1. Beat margarine and powdered sugar with a wooden spoon. The colour will be a bit pale.

2. Add the yolk and vanilla, continue beating

3. Add the sifted flour bit by bit, do not overmix, your sampret will be really "kembang" and ugly.

4. Use nozzle and pipe to make sampret. Decorate with cherries or silver dragees or raisin.

4. Bake for 7-10 minutes at 170 c. (time depends on the quantity of the sampret - I bake 150 pieces at one go, of course the time is 15 mins). My small Pensonic oven will only take 7 minutes.


It's cooked when you can smell aroma of the sampret! If you can take up one without sticking to the pan.. especially the middle part of the kuih. it's done!

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